About Us

EKO (Eko Elektronik Koruma ve Bilgisayar Teknolojileri San. Tic. Ltd. Sti.) is established by its declaration on 21 May 1999 on the 4798 numbered Official Newspaper.

It delivers engineering, project design, application, maintenance, sales services and turn-key project solutions to its clients and security companies in the sector with the newest and most secure technologies on all the Weak Current Systems.


EKO’s objectives are client satisfaction, to respond the requirements of its clients by the most convenient systems, to present economic and qualified solutions, and to be considered as a reliable associate by its clients.

Operation Style

EKO can deliver support that can ensure better service for its clients by caring of being in close relation with the main manufacturer and product developer companies and following the technologic developments.
EKO presents the most convenient solution by preparing project and scenarios with alternative.

Our status within the sector

EKO performs consultancy and commitment operations for the leading security companies of the sector. It had successfully concluded the turn-key projects of these security companies in abroad or in Turkey. EKO became Vimar Technical Support Service and Partner of Sanyo since 2000, Partner of Honeywell since 2005 and Partner of GE Security since 2008.