Fire Detection Systems (YAS)

“FIRE” the power that can demolish in seconds
Fire detection systems have became mandatory at buildings by the legislation regarding the prevention of buildings from fire issued in 2002.
Honeywell is the company having the widest range of products of the world on fire detection and warning systems. Honeywell has fire panels, field equipments, distributed fire emergency announcement systems and fire phones to ensure the most efficient protection of the buildings against fire.
Systems are totally user friendly. The liquid crystal display of each panel gives warning on alternative languages, all the system control can be made over the panel or a laptop by a keypad and display.
When the requirements increase by the powerful and flexible system architecture or when new sections are added on the building systems can expand or it can directly communicate with the Honeywell systems to be added.
Fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems combining many features such as smart detectors, addressed panels, security scenarios can operate integrated with the building automation systems of Honeywell.